The Logo

A fast moving, multi-disciplinary, global production house; that's what Graphic Telemation is. The logo captures our worldwide vision and capabilities, to connect and complete any kind of advertising production, efficiently and successfully.

Design Philosophy is contemporary, sleek, global and dynamic.

The Name

GRAPHIC TELEMATION– A fusion derived from three aspects of advertising world.

GRAPHIC designs evolved from innovative concept and ideas.

TELE represents the internet and television world, and;

MATION comes from the word MOTION picture which represents TV commercials, Corporate Films and Features.


The Storyline

Take a company that prides itself of 25years of experience and service. Add cutting-edge technologies to meet new generation application-needs in Audio Visual production. And thus born Graphic Telemation.

What we have created is a full-service advertising solution with an in-house filming equipment company named and full production facilities from conceptualisation, design, audio visual production (and to application). We have mastered impeccable service with state-of-the-art equipments by a well talented creative force. We work with the most reputed talents from all over the world to meet and assure the best-in-class production qualities and values we always stick for.

Graphic Telemation manages this whole-spectrum advertising using a strong association with world’s leading model coordinators, technicians and technology providers who can be appropriately engaged to meet the client’s advertising need and to generate customized and creative print, audio-visual, tag lines, catch lines, and write good copy.

HQ is Kochi, India and is a partner venture with Voyage Media, London and Mind Wind Productions, Mauritius.